What is Soul Integration™

An Authentic Path to Enlightenment

Imagine a life full of love, non-judgement, compassion, joy, fulfilling relationships, abundance, empowerment, miracles, purpose, passion, freedom, vibrant health, optimism, awareness, and emotional mastery. What if there was a way to shift the limiting beliefs about yourself into empowered beliefs – enabling you to easily move through the fear and resistance that may have held you back from living the life of your dreams?

It is a process that leads to emotional mastery as you come into that full love of self in a soul-centered way. Then what occurs is that no matter what occurs in your life, there is a calm and peace within you and an understanding that this too will pass, for it is only an opportunity of growth that has presented itself. So, the entirety of belief of victimization then is released.

THEO Certified Facilitator

I am Soul Integration Certified by the THEO Group, Inc. to use the Soul Integration™ process in my work with other individuals.

Who is THEO?

We are 12 archangelic beings – speaking in one voice – here to be mentors and teachers. We are guides into this new future, into this time of masterfulness, for all humanity is ready now to accept that within themselves. We are here to enlighten, to open beings to the possibilities and the miraculous.”—THEO, speaking through author and spiritual medium Sheila Gillette.

When you are soul-centered, then you allow for the greater creativity of your being to shine forth." —THEO

Benefits of Soul Integration™

Greater peace within. Your response to situations, circumstances and challenges will have changed. You will not feel victimized but know you have the ability to transmute all energies. With this integration, there is that self-love that permeates the atmosphere in your life that draws unto you that manifestational flow of ease. There are only opportunities of growth and that would be felt. How you respond to those opportunities will be with peace and not angst. You feel empowered. There is a relinquishment of time and space and a knowingness on the inner that all is well. When you love yourself enough, all things are possible and all things are in alignment with that love.

Align with you Soul Purpose

When you are soul centered, then you allow for the greater creativity of your being to shine forth. The purpose is your incarnation, isn’t it? You have chosen to incarnate into a human existence for the learning therein. That is very purposeful. What you are speaking about is a passion, a way to express the energy of your mastery, and each and every one of you knows what that is, how you would wish to express it in a given time. There are some who express it through art: paintings, sculpting, writing, music, and there are others who express it through healing, others through ministry or teaching. So, each in their own way has a particular passion that gives life and energy to express it.” THEO

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